The future is continuous research.

Following innovation is not enough. We need ideas, resources, mentality and skills to stay ahead of the times. We have been doing it since 1973.

SPAC continually invests in Research and Development activities, with a team of specialists and a dedicated laboratory focused on exploring new patents, researching innovative materials, and developing new products utilizing the latest technologies.
Objective: to enhance the technical performance and aesthetic appeal of our solutions, minimize energy impact, and elevate quality and excellence. This forward-looking approach enables us to consistently identify the most innovative products for every application context, meeting the needs of an increasingly sophisticated clientele.


Freshtouch is the SPAC patent that allows the materials to maintain a temperature of 25° lower than a standard material of the same colour, thanks to the ability to reflect most of the IR radiations responsible for the heat. Comfort and freshness guaranteed, especially appreciated in the seat sector for cars and saddling for motorcycles and bicycles.


Technoskin is the SPAC patent consisting of an
antimicrobial and anti-mould treatment, tested with 100% effectiveness against most bacteria and microbes. Technoskin can be applied to each layer of material according to the type of product desired, without compromising other performance aspects.

The laboratory

The SPAC laboratory employs 25 professionals and performs an average of 160 tests per day, leading to the development of over 150 new materials annually.

With state-of-the-art equipment, our laboratory is fully equipped to conduct all necessary tests to certify the technical, mechanical, and functional characteristics of our products. We pay particular attention to both the product’s performance during use and its end-of-life phase. Every SPAC customer can rely on our expertise to identify the ideal product for their needs.

At the core of SPAC’s innovation strategy, the laboratory plays a fundamental role in maintaining the quality of our business solutions and processes. It ensures product compliance and collaborates closely with the purchasing department to certify the efficiency and production capacity of our suppliers.

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